23 Things You Didn’t Know About Godzilla

Gareth Edwards’ hotly anticipated reimagining of Godzilla opens in theaters this week. To celebrate, here are some surprising facts from the sixty year history of the famous monster (and his friends).

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What I’ve Watched Has Moved

As you probably know, posting around here has slowed to a… well, whatever’s slower than a crawl, let’s call it that. (I was going to go with “plate tectonics,” but even that’s speedier than my output of late.) To keep this blog somewhat clean in presentation – that is to say, to keep it from getting cluttered with nothing but “What I’ve Watched” posts – I’ve moved the entire What I’ve Watched set-up to a companion blog, which I’ve cleverly named What Dave Watched. Cute, huh? This should help keep my personal OCD list-making and diary-keeping away from the random blatherings that make up the rest of this blog. Or, in other words, it’ll separate the stuff people want to read here from the stuff they don’t. The diary will still be updated on a daily basis, but it’ll be over there, not here. Sound good? Good.

Because Why Not: My Oscar Predictions

My Oscar predictions have a history of being thoroughly, spectacularly wrong. But if that didn’t stop me before, why should it stop me now? Here are my wild guesses for how this year’s Academy Awards will play out. Disclaimer: Using this as a guide for your Oscar pool is a surefire way of losing five bucks in your Oscar pool.

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Random Facts for the Oscar Obsessed

Sure, there were a few surprises in this morning’s batch of Academy Award nominations – no Hanks! no Phoenix! no Johansson! no Lee Daniels or his Butler! not much Llewyn Davis! – but nothing to cause too much of an internet freak-out. So instead of complaints, I offer a random list of facts and figures from this year’s batch of nods.

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A Guide to 2014’s Movie Anniversaries

Wondering which classic movies are celebrating a big anniversary in 2014? Here’s a handy guide:

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A Little Love for Christmas

It’s not the holidays until Darlene Love belts it out. Merry Christmas, everybody!

A Case Against SPECTRE

Earlier today, Deadline Hollywood broke the story: after decades of legal battles, MGM and EON Productions – the owners of the James Bond film franchise – finally acquired the rights to Blofeld and his terrorist organization, SPECTRE, both mainstays of the series’ Connery era. The history of EON’s courtroom troubles is tangled stuff; this James Bond news site does a fine job explaining things, but the main point, simply, is that EON now has full creative control of intellectual property not seen on screen since 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. But what does this mean for the movies to come, most notably Sam Mendes’ not-yet-titled follow-up to Skyfall?

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Best Song Ever: “7th of November”

Casey Scott’s Creep City is hands down the best album nobody heard in the 90s. The singer/songwriter/poet/artist and her backing band, the Creeps, cranked out a masterpiece blend of rock, spoken word, and itchy, twitchy angst. It’s tempting to call the album raw – it has a rough vibe, as if recorded on the fly in quick, angry bursts – but the band is airtight, working out some challenging rhythms and inventive sounds, their expert craftsmanship betraying the garage atmosphere.

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My Weeks in Movies: Oct. 27 – Nov. 2

This’ll be my last My Week in Movies post, at least for a while. My real-life schedule has kept me too busy to give it the time it deserves, and while a Halloween vacation allowed me a chance to catch up, this week is the exception, not the rule. Indeed, aside from the daily What I’ve Watched updates (which is essentially a personal list-diary neither requiring much effort nor affected by a lack of same), business is going to slow down for a while ’round here. I’ll still likely crank out a feature article or two each month, but nothing on a regularly scheduled basis. Things will possibly (maybe) pick back up in the new year. Until then, enjoy these final mini-ramblings. Continue reading

Happy Halloween! Now Let’s Watch Thriller Again

It’s been a busy month for me, with little time to update much of anything around here. That’s my flimsy excuse for why I didn’t do a Nifty YouTube Thing series this year, but I couldn’t overlook my tradition of posting Thriller on October 31. I’ve praised it twice before, so you should now by now why I find it to be perfect Halloween viewing. Continue reading


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