What I’ve Watched: March 2014

Mar. 31
St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds (2014) (TV)
Mythbusters “Hidden Nasties” (2009) (Netflix) Continue reading

What I’ve Watched: February 2014

Feb. 28
The Celluloid Closet (1995) (DVD)
Community “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality” (2014) (Hulu)
Parks and Recreation “Anniversaries” (2014) (Hulu)
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Live Action (Helium [2013], The Voorman Problem [2013], Avant que de tout perdre [Just Before Losing Everything] [2013], Aquel no era yo [That Wasn't Me] [2013], and Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa? [Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?] [2013]) (2014) (Amazon) Continue reading

Because Why Not: My Oscar Predictions

My Oscar predictions have a history of being thoroughly, spectacularly wrong. But if that didn’t stop me before, why should it stop me now? Here are my wild guesses for how this year’s Academy Awards will play out. Disclaimer: Using this as a guide for your Oscar pool is a surefire way of losing five bucks in your Oscar pool.

Gravity Continue reading

What I’ve Watched: January 2014

Jan. 31
Community “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” (2014) (Hulu)
Parks and Recreation “Ann and Chris” (2014) (Hulu)
Mythbusters “Air Cylinder Rocket” (2006) (Netflix)
The Square (2013) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “Exploding Water Heater” (2007) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “Blind Driving” (2008) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “Mini Myth Mayhem” (2009) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “Dumpster Diving” (2009) (Netflix) Continue reading

Random Facts for the Oscar Obsessed

Sure, there were a few surprises in this morning’s batch of Academy Award nominations – no Hanks! no Phoenix! no Johansson! no Lee Daniels or his Butler! not much Llewyn Davis! – but nothing to cause too much of an internet freak-out. So instead of complaints, I offer a random list of facts and figures from this year’s batch of nods.

Oscar Nominees 2013 Continue reading

What I’ve Watched: December 2013

Dec. 31
The Poseidon Adventure (1972) (DVD) Continue reading

A Guide to 2014′s Movie Anniversaries

Wondering which classic movies are celebrating a big anniversary in 2014? Here’s a handy guide:

Million Dollar Baby Continue reading

A Little Love for Christmas

It’s not the holidays until Darlene Love belts it out. Merry Christmas, everybody!

What I’ve Watched: November 2013

Nov. 30
Mystery Science Theater 3000 “I Accuse My Parents” (1993) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “Exploding Port-A-Potty” (2005) (Netflix)
Saturday Night Live “Josh Hutcherson/Haim” (2013) (Hulu)
Mythbusters “James Bond Special” (2008) (Netflix)
Mythbusters “James Bond Special 2″ (2008) (Netflix) Continue reading

A Case Against SPECTRE

Earlier today, Deadline Hollywood broke the story: after decades of legal battles, MGM and EON Productions – the owners of the James Bond film franchise – finally acquired the rights to Blofeld and his terrorist organization, SPECTRE, both mainstays of the series’ Connery era. The history of EON’s courtroom troubles is tangled stuff; this James Bond news site does a fine job explaining things, but the main point, simply, is that EON now has full creative control of intellectual property not seen on screen since 1971′s Diamonds Are Forever. But what does this mean for the movies to come, most notably Sam Mendes’ not-yet-titled follow-up to Skyfall?

Blofeld Continue reading


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